The Random Event Oracle: How to introduce random events

The Random Event Oracle introduces unanticipated scenes into your game. Whenever you use the Fortune Oracle and draw an Ace or Joker, a random event enters the scene. This introduces variety and unexpected twists into your adventure.  The oracle consists of phrases that describe commonly occurring story motifs that can become a part of your adventure. This tool forms part of the Solo Gaming Tool.

When a random event enters your game through the Fortune Oracle, draw a card and look at the story motif associated with it. Improvise a scene based on the motif and introduce it into your game.

The Random Event Oracle was inspired by The Adventure Crafter by Wordmill Games.

To help you create your scenes, I included a scene idea with each card to help guide you. Use the logic of your story and setting when applying the random event to your adventure.


2 of Spades

Event: A mysterious event

Scene idea: Something strange or out of the ordinary is happening or has happened.

3 of Spades

Event: A necessary resource runs out

Scene idea: A resource that’s necessary to a character or group of characters has run out.

4 of Spades

Event: Impending doom

Scene idea: A character or group of characters will meet their doom.

5 of Spades

Event: Shady dealings

Scene idea: A character is engaging in criminal or otherwise suspicious dealings.

6 of Spades

Event: An ambush

Scene idea: A character is being ambushed or is ambushing another character.

7of Spades

Event: An abduction

Scene idea: An abduction or attempted abduction is taking place.

8 of Spades

Event: A work-related gathering

Scene idea: A gathering of workers or employees

9 of Spades

Event: A figure from the past

Scene idea: A figure from the past appears. This can range from a person in a character’s personal past to a historical figure from a nation’s past.

10 of Spades

Event: An unfortunate event

Scene idea: Something unfortunate happens to a character. This can also mean an unfortunate event from the past.

Jack of Spades

Event: A problem returns

Scene idea: A problem from the past returns. This can range from a personal problem to a problem on a large scale.

Queen of Spades

Event: A savior

Scene idea: A savior has entered the scene or a character needs a savior.

King of Spades

Event: Official business

Scene idea: A character is on official business. This includes all government officials.

Ace of Spades

Event: A mysterious item

Scene idea: A mysterious item is the focus of the scene. This can be any strange or unknown item.


2 of Hearts

Event: Religion

Scene idea: Religion or religious figures form the central theme of the scene.

3 of Hearts

Event: The need to hide

Scene idea: Characters need or try to hide.

4 of Hearts

Event: Conflict

Scene idea: A character is engaging in conflict with another. This can range from a simple verbal disagreement to an outright fight.

5 of Hearts

Event: Escort duty

Scene idea: A scene where a character needs or is performing escort duty.

6 of Hearts

Event: A just cause gone wrong

Scene idea: Something that is righteous or just has negative consequences.

7 of Hearts

Event: A confrontation

Scene idea: Characters are confronted either literally or figuratively. This can range from being confronted by enemies to confronting injustice in a community.

8 of Hearts

Event: Destruction

Scene idea: A character, object, or anything else is destroyed. The destruction can range from relatively mild to outright desolation.

9 of Hearts

Event: A character disappears

Scene idea: A missing person forms the focus of the scene. This can range from a missing stranger to an important friend or associate.

10 of Hearts

Event: A rare or unique gathering

Scene idea: A gathering is taking place that’s rare or unique.

Jack of Hearts

Event: Someone is where they shouldn’t be

Scene idea: A character is somewhere they don’t belong.

Queen of Hearts

Event: Useful information from an unknown source

Scene idea: An unknown source provides useful information to a character.

King of Hearts

Event: An influential person

Scene idea: An influential person has entered the scene. This person can be an influential leader or an influential artist or expert.

Ace of Hearts

Event: A scapegoat

Scene idea: A character is used as a scapegoat for a misdeed.


2 of Diamonds

Event: Death

Scene idea: A scene of death. This includes funerals, victims of crime, or any other form of death.

3 of Diamonds

Event: A group is in trouble

Scene idea: A group of characters is in trouble. This can range from a group of single individuals to large organizations.

4 of Diamonds

Event: Help, for a price

Scene idea: A character provides or asks for help, for a price.

5 of Diamonds

Event: Injustice

Scene idea: A character is experiencing an injustice.

6 of Diamonds

Event: A standoff

Scene idea: A standoff is taking place between characters.

7 of Diamonds

Event: Theft

Scene idea: A character is committing theft or theft has taken place.

8 of Diamonds

Event: Followed

Scene idea: A character is being followed.

9 of Diamonds

Event: Meeting friends

Scene idea: A character meets friends or allies.

10 of Diamonds

Event: Asking for help

Scene idea: A character asks for help.

Jack of Diamonds

Event: A mysterious new person

Scene idea: A mysterious new character is the focus of the scene.

Queen of Diamonds

Event: Fraud and deception

Scene idea: A character is committing fraud or deceiving another character.

King of Diamonds

Event: An argument

Scene idea: An argument is taking place between two or more characters.

Ace of Diamonds

Event: An emotional gathering Scene idea: Characters are engaging in an emotional gathering. This can range from joyous gatherings to mob violence.