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In this solo DM guide, we will describe the fundamentals of solo roleplaying using oracles and ChatGPT. This guide will provide you with game rules on how to play Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition as your own Dungeon Master. Additionally, the Oracle RPG system allows the player to take over the role of DM while still keeping the game interesting. As a result, it’s possible to play D&D 5e as a solo DM, without the need for other players. Moreover with ChatGPT, you can have an adventure anytime you want.

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In this guide, I will show you how to craft prompts that turn ChatGPT into an assistant AI Dungeon Master for solo games. It’s worth noting that unlike other attempts such as AI Dungeon, ChatGPT provides a far better experience, if you create the right prompts. If you craft prompts correctly, ChatGPT can create an entire virtual world made of text for you to explore. Consequently, the result is an interactive text adventure with limitless possibilities.

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In this guide, we will show you how to use our Adventure Generator for D&D and other fantasy roleplaying games. The adventure generator uses percentile tables to create a basic outline for an adventure. The player can then use this outline as a starter for a campaign or other important quest. The adventure generator uses seven tables to create the plot for your game.

These seven tables, when combined with the background lore of your setting, can provide many hours of adventuring for the solo player. These hooks can serve as inspiration when starting a game, or as a way to create other major quests. This tool can also be used alongside ChatGPT to help create text-based adventures

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Our NPC generator can create non-player characters on the fly for your solo and co-op games. The oracles in this guide can quickly generate a basic character outline for any NPC you encounter. To use it, all you need is a pack of playing cards and the tables included below. All the oracles in this … Read more

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Immersion is an important aspect of roleplaying games, and with music you can boost it. Recently, we played a cyberpunk game using the Interface Zero 2.0 game for the Savage Worlds system and to get really into the game, we needed good music. There are plenty of fantastic playlists on YouTube, but one which I … Read more

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