Boost Immersion for Cyberpunk games

Immersion is an important aspect of roleplaying games, and with music you can boost it. Recently, we played a cyberpunk game using the Interface Zero 2.0 game for the Savage Worlds system and to get really into the game, we needed good music.

There are plenty of fantastic playlists on YouTube, but one which I keep going back to, is this Blade Runner 2049 – Futuristic Psybient, Psychill, Downtempo Mix compiled by PsyChamber. I was surprised that some of the songs are stuff I listen to in general, such as Solar Fields and Carbon Based Lifeforms.

These artists make incredibly immersive science fiction music and I recommend any of Solar Fields’ albums if you’re looking for futuristic style ambient music.

This mix is just under two hours, which is perfect for the length of sessions we’ve been having, but perhaps you want longer sessions. I’ve created a playlist using some of these tracks, as well as around 4 extra hours of cyberpunk-themed tracks on Tidal, which you can find here, as well as on Spotify, which is still a work in progress. I’ll recreate the same playlist on other platforms such as Apple Music as well as YouTube, so check back later for links!

You can even boost immersion further by using headphones to block out unwanted background noises, but be sure to keep the volume low enough not to damage your hearing.

Happy gaming!